What I learned from building Performance Monitoring from scratch

Back in 2015 I decided to work on my own project in my free time. Believe me, I don’t have too much free time. As I became restless working only for clients, I decided to spend some time on my own project. I apologise in advance if I go too technical here. Why performance monitoring Performance monitoring sucks. You heard me. Ok, I don’t want to be over dramatic, but it stinks.

Week of a web developer on an iPad

When apple released the first iPad in 2010 I was sold. I knew I had to have one. Back then iPhone was still 3.5", the iPads bigger screen felt like lucrative real estate. I remember in 2010 waiting on the airport in a cafe, when a randoom guy approached me and asked me about my iPad. I started explaining him how iPad is awesome device for developers. I still remember that strange look he gave me once I told him that I’m thinking about developing and text editor for developers so they can write code on an iPad.

Apple Watch: Things I've learned the hard way

Having Apple Watch is certainly fun. You get lots of benefits for price of daily charging. Every now and then there is a question that I couldn’t find an answer for. I just had to do it the hard way. Activity tracking through time zones. Its actually really simple. Activity tracks for 24h from midnight in time zone you are currently located. So if you cross from Europe to USA 6 time zones, your activity day will end at 6pm (as was your original midnight).

My first week with Apple Watch

I got my first Apple Watch Series 1 a week ago. I was waiting for Series 2, but at the end I decided to take Series 1 (mainly because it was in stock). I can live without GPS for now, as I always take my phone with me. Also, I don’t swim in open waters that much. Plus it kinda saved me 100€. “Kinda”, because I wanted Nylon band as well.