Trifle becomes OpenSource

It has been a long road for Trifle. It first came up as a performance monitoring app for Rails applications. I think deep down I just didn’t feel it and wanted it to become something more. Analytics in different area. I remember meeting AppSignal guys in WebSummit 2015 and we were kinda in same space. They are now doing pretty great and I’m even using their service for one of the projects.

Setup Headles RapsberryPi ZeroW

Raspberry Pi Zero is awesome little board. I totally hate the connectors used there. Everything is mini. It makes sense, but if you don’t already own bunch of cables and connectors, you’re gonna make few trips to store to buy what you need. Last purchase I had to do was to buy reductions for HDMI-mini to HDMI and USB-C to USB-mini. As these are just minor expenses I neither wanted to spend time to go pick them up, nor pay for delivery that cost more then shipment to have them delivered home.

Weather monitoring Hobby project

I’m a big fan of small Single Board Computers like RaspberryPi or Pine64 boards. I think they are great example how cheap and powerful computing can be. Unfortunately there aren’t many usecases that most of the people can use them for. For most things, you can just run them on your own computer. From what I’ve seen so far, most of the usecases are home server to store photos, videos and maybe host Plex server.

Reason to avoid learning popular programming language

Today I realised that I always pick underdog tech. And so far it always turned as an advantage. You may think: “Now thats a piece of bullsh*t, he’s using only apple products”. So let me then remind you that I’ve been using apple products while most of you were still wearing diapers (based on the demographics info, lol). I’m talking about Mac OS 7.6. Yeah, thats without X in the name.

Welcome to The ultimate developer survival guide

Eat smart. For the love of God, put away that burger and stay away from pizza. These stuff will get you to food coma and you won’t do sh*t for the rest of the day. Get a dog! You heard me. He will be excited for you when you’re in good mood and give you some joy during dark moments. You allergic? So take one of those hypoallergenic dogs. Go for a walk (with a dog, duh).

What happens when you finish a book every two weeks for a year?

As much as I try, I can’t find steady schedule that could allow me to read books every day (or at least few times a week). Believe me, I tried. As I started walking our dog more often, I realised pretty fast that listening music all the time gets boring real fast. I started looking for some mental stimulation. As I tried audiobooks, I could see how little light above my head lit up.