Welcome to The ultimate developer survival guide
  1. Eat smart. For the love of God, put away that burger and stay away from pizza. These stuff will get you to food coma and you won’t do sh*t for the rest of the day.
  2. Get a dog! You heard me. He will be excited for you when you’re in good mood and give you some joy during dark moments. You allergic? So take one of those hypoallergenic dogs.
  3. Go for a walk (with a dog, duh). In the morning it helps you set the tone for the day. During day/evening it helps you reset your brain from the problems you’re working on.
  4. Exercise! Lol, just kidding. Taking your dog daily for a walk will do. Unless you want that beach body. Which tbh with your pale-ass skin you can only dream off. I should patent computer screens with UV radiation. Ka-ching!
  5. Forget about those night sessions. You will burn out in a long run. No, you are not a character from Mr. Robot. Stop arguing.
  6. Now that you don’t work late, get some proper sleep. You may think <6h of sleep is enough and you will fix it with caffeine. Yeah sure. That will only work in your early 20s. Sleep helps you stay creative which directly reflects on your problem solving skills. Bo0m!
  7. So you think you know everything. Huh? Think again! Learn every day something little. New command, new method, new library. The truth is, there’s so much you don’t know. And do you really wanna wake up tomorrow as stupid as today?
  8. Keep your desk clean. No, it’s not called organised mess. It’s just a mess.
  9. Build your setup. It’s your weapon of choice. It doesn’t need to be overnight, but make sure you like where you work from.
  10. Have some mercy. Other developers are people just like you and I. Be respectful and polite. We’re pretty friendly people in general.

Now that you know how to survive, go create your Hello World for 150th time!