Having Apple Watch is certainly fun. You get lots of benefits for price of daily charging. Every now and then there is a question that I couldn’t find an answer for. I just had to do it the hard way.

  • Activity tracking through time zones. Its actually really simple. Activity tracks for 24h from midnight in time zone you are currently located. So if you cross from Europe to USA 6 time zones, your activity day will end at 6pm (as was your original midnight). And the remaining hours are lost.
  • Activity in the cold temperatures. If you plan to do some running, get use to lock your apple watch screen. It happened multiple times that I went to check my progress just to find out that my workout was finished. I worked with theory that sweat betweek skin and sensor was causing apple watch to think that it got disconnected. Once it happened that the screen required code to unlock. That theory was prooved wrong as tying it tighter didnt really help. The cause seemd to be sweat on the the inside of my jacked that triggeredd touch events. So make sure you locks your screen while working out.

Yeah, that is IT. I’ve been sitting on this post for more then a month just to wait if something else will pops up. It is really that simple device. No other surprises. Nope. Nada. Anyway, I noticed that I don’t keep track of my phone that much anymore. This feels liberating. If my phone needs my attention, Apple Watch will let me know.