I got my first Apple Watch Series 1 a week ago. I was waiting for Series 2, but at the end I decided to take Series 1 (mainly because it was in stock). I can live without GPS for now, as I always take my phone with me. Also, I don’t swim in open waters that much. Plus it kinda saved me 100€. “Kinda”, because I wanted Nylon band as well. Here are my 5 things I like about Apple Watch.

  1. Fitness tracker. I have a dog. He needs movement. Lots of it. I’m working in IT. I don’t get enough movement in general. Tracking my walks and runs has never been easier, and frankly, it has never been so much fun either. Sorry Runkeeper.
  2. Haptic feedback. This comes down to two things. Feedback while exercise. It lets you know that your workout is paused if you take a breath while running, or that you just passed your third kilometer. The other is Notifications. I have iPhone 6+ and vibrations there are just ridiculous. I disabled them after my 1st week. This often makes me miss lots of things while my iPhone is on mute. Now you can specify which notifications you wanna get on your wirst.
  3. Replies. Quick reply by dictation while you run or drive can save you lots of hussle. Trust me, it’s that simple.
  4. Siri. I read lots of bad feedback about Siri on Series 0. Never thought I would be using it until I tried it. It’s responsive, fast, and it feels almost as good as on the phone.
  5. Phone calls. To some this may sounds idiotic, but quick phone calls at home/home-office does not feel as awkward as you may think. The quality seems better then beeing on a speaker on iPhone. Plus it feels like I’m in the episode of Star Trek.
  • Bonus: Exact time. The reason why I would turn down good looking watch is the time accurracy. Not an issue with Apple Watch. No more 2 seconds shorter day.

It’s an iPhone companion. And really great one. Until it doesn’t have separate data access, I believe Series 1 will be good enough for me. I have two bands, Nylon feels awesome for daily use, but Synthetic is better for exercise. Battery hasn’t been an issue for me (yet), as each evening I’m at ~20%. Sure, I didn’t get through troubles of watchOS 1.x or 2.x on Series 0. Hey, I’m still new to the game. Anyway; Do I like it? Yes. Do I regret not waiting for Series 2 few more days/weeks? No. Will I upgrade in future? Hell yeah. First two reasons by themselves are enough for me to never go back.